Utilities Industry-Desalination

Desalination plants face a tough challenge when it comes to water treatment as it is one of the most corrosive environments. Despite air being the primary actuation media, salt water and salt air can cause damage to most components used in the process. Fortunately, VERSA's 316 stainless steel valves are highly dependable even in such harsh and challenging saltwater conditions. Additionally, VERSA provides a diverse range of stainless steel air preparation items that are impervious to this environment, and all products come with a ten-year warranty and global distribution network support.

Picture- Pneumatic Lockout Valves Picture- Pneumatic Lockout Valves


Pneumatic Lockout Valves Can Prevent Serious Injury or Death


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Picture- V-316 1″ Cam Valve Picture- V-316 1″ Cam Valve


The High Flow You Need: VERSA Introduces the V-316 1″ Cam Valve


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