Utilities Industry- Potable Water Processing

Water and wastewater processing may utilize water or air as the actuation media for the application. In either situation, high flow, as well as reliability, is paramount. Suppose the application utilizes water, considered one of the most challenging media, as it differs widely in location and application. In that case, the valves and components must tolerate various water types, qualities, and conditions. Due to the quality and materials that VERSA offers, it has always seen the water process as a market to service successfully. The growing need for water treatment has prompted VERSA to develop a product to meet all these issues cost-effectively. The modifications engineered into VERSA’s Super Water Valves are based on decades of experience designing, manufacturing, and applying directional control valves in the water industry and related fields. 1949, VERSA introduced the “V” Series product line, primarily used for this application. The basis of VERSA’s Super Water Valve is the “V” and “T” Series product lines with enhanced options to perform reliably under these difficult water conditions.

If the application utilizes air for water filtration, they don’t require the same material properties but demand the highest quality and flow available. If this is the case, VERSA offers a wide selection of NAMUR or C-Series aluminum that may be used with the vane actuators.